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Do you have a special teacher, coach, band director, sponsor, or administrator you would like to honor?  Why not make a donation in their honor (or memory)? This would be a great project for you, your graduating class, or a group of friends.  What better way to pay tribute to a special person who made an incredible impact upon you?

                   Dorothy Haile      

Many former students honored both Mrs. Dorothy Haile & Mr. Jack Gilley with an honorarium for their 90th birthday.

Donations or honorariums may be made to the Stratford Education Foundation,   PO Box 121, Stratford, TX 79084.  Please include a note concerning who is to be honored (with an address, if possible) and we will send an acknowledgment to that special person.

Marihoward Engelbrecht has been honored for all her contributions to the Foundation and to the school district. 
Who is that special person you would like to honor?