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Posted Date: 05/07/2024



The school year is rapidly coming to a close. It seems like yesterday that we were getting ready for Meet the Teacher to start the school year. It has been a good year, and one that has been filled with a lot of student accomplishments and fun memories. Many of these accomplishments/memories will be celebrated over the next few weeks as we enter banquet season. It is always a good time to reflect on the year and enjoy the students and their families in this setting.


This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. Thank you to all of our educators for the work they do on a daily basis. I sent the following message to our parents this week and wanted to share it with our community members as well. This is Teacher Appreciation Week. I would like to share a few thoughts with you related to the educators who work with your children. While we are not perfect, I have the ability to see these wonderful individuals interact with your children on a daily basis. I am proud of the work that our staff does and I hope you are as well.

  • An issue that I think is greatly misunderstood across Texas is the idea that teachers get paid for being off during the summer. This is not accurate. The majority of teachers are contracted for 187 days. The State requires school districts to spread their pay over 12 months, which means the paychecks in June, July and August are for work that has already been done.
  • I have been in this business 31 years and most of my friends away from work have some connection to public education (they also work in schools or they have family members who work in schools). Most teachers work well beyond their contracted day and they spend a lot of their personal money for student needs. The next time you are around one of our campuses after 4:00, please note that on most days you will see vehicles that belong to teachers. They do this because they want what is best for their students. Teaching is hard and it takes a lot of time to prepare lessons for students.
  • One of the most overlooked issues, in my opinion, is how well our teachers know our students. While I understand that our teachers are not the parents, I also know that our teachers spend a lot of time with our students and they have an insight into how students are doing on a daily basis. They consistently check on students and are the ones who often times can alert parents to concerns related to their children. They have eyes on your children when you do not.


I share this information with you to ask you to stop and think about the job that our teachers face. This profession has changed since I entered into it, and it has changed dramatically over the past 4 years. Please thank a teacher this week for the job that they do. While we are not perfect, I promise you that our educators only want what is best for each child in their care.


The safety of our staff and students is our highest priority. We had a safety drill last week that tested our ability to communicate directly with our first responders. While the drill was successful, we learned a few things that will help us better protect our students and staff. Thank you to our first responders for their part in this drill. I also appreciate the work that our staff does to help ensure that our students are safe and are familiar with our safety procedures. Thank you to our parents who have the discussions with their children about upcoming drills.


Congratulations to Bryce Braden for placing 5th in the State in shot put. This is quite an accomplishment. Have a great week.


Paul Uttley