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Posted Date: 02/12/2024



     The Lady Elks are your district champions.  The overall record for the Lady Elks this season was 20-7 with a record of 9-1 in district play.  The Lady Elks finished district play with a win over Sunray last week and will play Wheeler this evening (February 12th).  Great job, players and coaches. 


      The boys will play their final regular season game tomorrow (2-13) at WT High.  They have secured a playoff spot, but the game Tuesday will determine their place in the district standings.  The current record for the boys is 8-9 with a district record of 5-4. 


     While nothing happened last Friday, it was a day full of tension and high emotions.  As a parent, I fully understand the fear that will go through the minds of our parents (grandparents, other family members and friends), when I send out messages like I did Friday.  What most of you do not see is the behind the scenes work that our staff members do to ensure that your children are loved on and cared for during these types of issues.  The staff members put their own fear and worries aside to ensure that the students in the buildings were not unnecessarily alarmed.  The SISD staff did what they do every day, they provided a safe and caring environment for the students that attend Stratford schools.  While this did not surprise me at all, it stuck with me all weekend.  Our educators, across Texas, are under attack and face divisive rhetoric on a daily basis.  The attack on public schools has become in vogue lately, I believe largely due to the anonymity that is felt through social media.  While Stratford educators have largely been isolated from these attacks, our educators feel the pressure of the stigma of these attacks.  I simply am asking you to consider reaching out this week, to educators you know, and thank them for doing a job that often times is thankless. How great would it be to see social media light up with positive comments about our staff members?  Even if you do not want to do it in a public fashion, a phone call/ text or note would go a long way. 


Have a great week and let’s get out and support our Lady Elks and Elks.


Paul Uttley